Secure logistics

F.I.T.  for safety

The chemical industry requires total concentration 24 hours a day. Even the slightest malfunction can have far-reaching consequences for profits, market-share and reputation.

The globalization of procurement, production and distribution networks extends the supply chain and increases weak points.

Your competitive edge is determined by new products, a high rate of innovation and cost efficiency. It is paramount that your logistics are smoothly, professionally and flexibly handled.

F.I.T. foresighted, networked

You value a reliable, experienced partner who knows your products and requirements, and has the knowledge and understanding to deal responsibly with sensitive, valuable substances.

Your hazardous materials are transported by qualified personnel using specialized equipment. We are aware that many of your substances are extremely sensitive and must be transported and stored at controlled temperatures. By outsourcing you increase your productivity and profitability.

Supply chain optimization through outsourcing. In order to meet your rising demands on flexibility, cost efficiency and transparency, we are networked with global production sites.

Your advantages:

  • You are able to react flexibly to necessary changes
  • You optimize your supply chain.

Customer based solutions, based on the requirements of the supply chain –
from procurement to distribution?